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Why everything that makes me feel bad makes me feel so good? Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would.......
Classic line, But anyway I guess nothing is new with my life Christmas was ok nothing special just another day went to my boy's house and chilled wit his fam and what not. New Years will be standard prolly stay in the house and maintain. I've been feeling real calm as of late and getting over alot of stuff and starting to focus on doing me the last few months have been eye opening and I'm glad I noticed I'm getting better at leting stuff roll off my back. I'm not even caught up on events of the past few months just memories and dreams is all . Now I'm awake and focused it's sad that my boys are all on tour and stuff and I'm at home but it's cool, They've just spent there first winter out of the US and they hate it said it was extra cold and shit last I talked to them they said they were in budapest freeze'n but it's all good they said Europe is dope and they're all ready to go to Amsterdam to get that good time feeling (FCUKING HORN DOG POT HEADS DOPERS!!!!) aww it's all love. I'm just trying to get back into making beats and writting lyrics and what not but it's all good. Not much more to say on here cause it's like talking to yourself cause I don't think anyone reads my journal anyway so ehhh just doing it cause I'm bored. I'm really ready for school to start and what not so I can get my Degree on and be smartets hahah!

OH yea albums folks should by Lone Catalyst, Steve Spacek, Spacek (it's a band), Platinum Pied Pipers, Talib Kweli (right about now mixed tape), Jay Dee (Donuts), Madonna (i know i know)
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