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What the FU%^!!!!!

Madness I can't believe it, My mind has been everywhere and no where lately and I just haven't had anytime to chill. I've been on this grind for work and other things. I'm really in a dark place right now and I'm not even looking for the light. I'm trying to get back into writting my rhymes and stuff but I dunno I just haven't found my spot. It's really hard right now the rest of my crew is off in another state getting ready to go to another country and I'm stuck at home and just just. I started Reading Nigger by Dick Gregory and I enjoy it so far I should have read this book a long time ago I dunno what I was thinking. As you can see my mind is scattered. I really fell off this year was going to be my year but I fucked it up and fucked off. Missed out going on tour never finished me and Damien's project. etc.... Oh well "life's ill sometimes life might kill...."
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