Alex (ecko) wrote,


Well ya know lately I've been neglecting folks I know , well actualy for the last month of so and I need to make that back up to folks and spend time with them. So if you guys are on myspace hit me up yo. (JAY!!! I GOT THOSE CD's YO). Other things going on are like this I put my music on hold, hip hop career is on a good pause only writting part time, I'm focusing on going back to school and educate myself. My boys Damien and Charlie started Cal State LA this semester and I got a charge in me to finish what I started in school so I'm going to start back in the winter.

With music I've kinda set down the mic and I'm starting to looking in to House music and just regular ol dance music. I mean I've always like House music it's just a great genre of music. Well that type of music period is cool folks like RJD2 who do hip hop beat but make straight up chill music I like but back to the subject I like the whole house and DJ thing because you can go out and play the music for folks and watch them dance all their problems and cares away into the night and feel good about it. So basically I'm going a slow route with making house music and such but I'm still and emcee and don't get it twisted I'll still rock a mic and kill a free style.

I have a girl now that I care about a whole lot and she cares about me but I'm not going to elaborate into my love life cause yall don't care about that anyway.

So my basic point was to tell all the folks that I haven't talked to in a long time I haven't forgotten about you I've just been busy with work and all and I will catch yall no doubt..... Yall in my heart and mind still......

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