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Update part 2

the sequel

real quick, Me and Linda are together (wow a actually serious relationship not on some ol "we internet lovers" shit. I'm going out to Texas in Nov to be with her for a while. We are working on things it's going to workout back us up folks. I'm not gangsta it's true I'm a wanksta (seriously all jokes) The minstrel show is a classic album yall pick it up or ROY LEE gonna get cha. Work is ok nothing special just doing my 9-5 thizzle. This weekend I gotta go get my car washed help Linda's friend learn how to drive and go pay a bill.
The heat is killing me right now it's 89 in my room at 10 pm and the wildfires are burning rich peoples stuff down like crazy ( thats what cha get trying to go to the hills and run away from the negros and mexicans) Yea that was Kanye West (racist) hmm I'm going to use that as a new slang word. But on the real Kanye said what chu was scared to say ala Bernie Mac style. Enough of that stuff tho. Its hot I'm sleepy and I've got Linda on the phone so Peace out suckas and umm I'll up date in another 3 weeks or something maybe.
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