Alex (ecko) wrote,

Guess I'm due for an update or two

so lets make it short huh. Well my b-day was dope hung out with Linda (lovelylind) and her friend and Kuah (Cold Swear/OKayplayer). Sitting and talking with Linda was something special and I guess I can say I like her. So thats that no more details into that, it's only for me and Linda to talk about.
Work is work I'm starting to get used to the job even tho it's so many things that I don't know, I'm still in a learning phase and I'll be able to tackle anything with in a year.

Umm hmm lets see I'm getting ready to move out the house and into my own place sometime in the fall. Time to get away from the nest and do my own thing.... I really don't have much to talk about lately except the price of gas. Man that shit is crazy out here in Cali I hope it goes down after the holiday if not then F-this shit I'm getting a Yamaha and calling it a life cause rolling a car is stupid right now. Umm yea that's about it talk to me america.
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