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Man wwhat a way to start the new year

So I'm off to work this monring thinking that everything is going ok and I see this giant sanitation truck parked in the middle of the street and it's dropping off trash cans to our house cause my omom ordered some new ones. So no biggie so I start to back out the driveway thinking ok i'll back out and go on ahead to wrok... WRONG i back out and back into the side of this giant ass thing and mess up my driver side back bummper it's all jacked up so. We call the cops he calls his supervisor and we take care of the thing but it just sucks cause now I have to go thru my insurance company and i've never been in a accident before and it's only the 3rd day of the year it was a real bummer to me so now that ruined my week. I have no idea how to handle this shit and I don't have the cash to pay a deductable and shit so I'm kinda at a real lost which sucks ass. Oh well just had to get that off my chest on to the rest of my year PEACE!!!
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